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Build your own

Build your own Professional ProTee Golf Simulator

Is our full size full option Golf Simulator beyond your budget?

We provide the technology, software, know-how and support to build your own golf simulator yourself!


6 reasons why you want to build your own Golf Simulator and save cost:

  • You do not have enough room to fit a full system
  • You have limited budget and can't afford to buy a full system
  • You want to play and/or practice during winter and bad weather
  • You want to work on that handicap and beat Tiger
  • You live in a country where computers and projectors are really cheap
  • You know how to protect a room from golfballs flying at 200mph

We offer any part you need to build your own system from scratch, to fit your need and most of all your budget!

The most essential parts your need are included in our Base Pack 2.


Golf Simulator
Golf Simulator


A ProTee Sensor Pack contains the minimum items required to build a professional golf simulator:

  • High Speed sensor system
  • High Speed putting system (included in Sensor pack II)
  • High Speed vertical camera system
  • High Speed horizontal camera system (included in Sensor pack II)
  • Impact/projection screen
  • Halogen overhead light system
  • USB to serial convertor
  • Universal power supply
  • Full software on USB Media

You will need a high-end PC, a projector, an enclosure or netting and a floor system or stance mat system. These items can be bought locally. Ask us for more information or a personal advise on how to build your own simulator.


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