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The ProTee Golf Simulator is state-of-the-art and having undergone over 10 years of development it offers features at and beyond those of other systems costing 10 times as much. High speed optical sensors track the club head and ball to give an unparalleled realistic ball flight trajectory. Features include:


Golf Simulator Sensor Mat

High accuracy modular sensor club mat

The professional sensor mat detects club-head speed, swing path, club face angle, sweetspot position, swing tempo, ball speed and ball path and calculates launch angle and spin rates. With the sensor mat you can practice your swing and play a full round of golf including chipping, pitching and putting.


High speed putting sensors and camera systems

The optional putting sensors give extreme putting realism. The putting sensors will detect the finest details of the putt which gives the ultimate in putting simulation. Two high speed cameras will track the ball flight providing a more accurate ball launch angle and ball direction.
Golf Simulator Camera and Putting


High performance graphics

The graphics system is a next generation high resolution and high performance one that allows the user to move in real-time around the course. This is in strong contrast to other systems that only show a static view. The graphics system is actually like a continuous movie. e.g. If, at any time during the game you want to see what lies behind a hill, you can simply navigate the virtual camera to go and have a look. Course fly-overs and multiple simultaneous views are all standard features. The user can even set the virtual view camera to be in the ball itself so that he/she may fly with the ball along its trajectory in real time.

Golf Simulator TGC swiss theme
Golf Simulator TGC swiss theme


Realistic ball flight trajectory, bounce and roll

Including hooks, slices, pushes, pulls, fades and draws or any combination thereof, i.e. pushed hooks, pulled slices etc. plus wind factors (strength and direction) are also taken into account. When chipping and putting, the ball will follow the contour of the surface and its path and speed will be influenced accordingly. Also, the flight trajectories of missed shots are shown i.e. topped or fat shots, skied and shanked etc. The flight trajectory calculation routines use proven mathematical formulas that use all the parameters of the clubface at impact with the ball together with the ball's initial flight angles and velocities.


Design your own golf courses

This unique feature allows you to integrate your own designed golf courses using our 3D -easy to use- course editor. Surface shaping tools, trees and objects, hole generation, theme selection are all fully integrated. The level of detail and realism is only limited by your artistic abilities, imagination and time.

Golf Simulator TGC swiss theme
Golf Simulator TGC swiss theme


Fly with the ball

After your shot the virtual 3D graphics camera will fly you along the ball's trajectory to where the ball lies for the next shot. As opposed to other systems where you have to wait for the new view to be calculated, the graphic system is so fast it seems instantaneous.


Ball image starts at the ball impact point on the screen in real time

When you hit the golf ball into a special projection screen, the screen will absorb its energy and it will fall to the floor. Its image, however, will continue on from the point of impact on the projection screen in a continuous smooth flow. And it is this aspect of the software - together with the field-of-view and perspective giving you the impression you are standing on the course - that makes the simulator so life-like. You can aim at any target on the screen and if you hit an obstacle (ie a tree branch) the ball will bounce off accordingly.