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Hotels and Leisure facilities

Hotels (chains) are constantly improving and extending their services towards their customers. They are constantly searching for new leisure concepts to distinguish themselves in the market. Customers nowadays often choose their hotel based on the leisure package a hotel has to offer. The possibility to play golf in the near surrounding of a hotel becomes also more important to (potential) customers. With the ProTee Golf Simulator it is now possible to play golf in your own hotel! You can offer your customers to practice their swing on the virtual driving range with detailed swing analyses and they can play 18 hole championship and other famous golf courses. New customers will find your hotel and existing customers will appreciate this new leisure.

The ProTee Golf Simulator is one of the most sophisticated simulators on the today market and has an excellent price/quality rating. The return on investment can be calculated on a realistic, conservative approach.

Main benefits:

  • Extension of existing leisure
  • Distinguish from competitive hotels
  • Extra service (paid or free of charge) towards your customers
  • Excellent price/quality rating
  • Use of one of world’s best golfsimulator
  • Attract new customer groups
  • The Golf Simulator can also be used as a entertainment centre for TV, movies, presentations and gaming (like Wii)


Golf Simulator
Golf Simulator


Home entertainment system

Besides playing golf at the ProTee Golf Simulator it can also be used as a state of the art home entertainment system providing Dolby Digital 5.1 sound and sharp images. You can easily connect your DVD player, TV tuner or gaming console (like Wii) to the system using the entertainment bridge (scart, USB, HDMI connections). Invite your friends and family to watch that fantastic sports event, your latest home movies or that Oscar winning movie. It will all come true with this entertainment system. Do your kids want to play a video game? No problem, just connect the gaming console and let’s play!

Main benefits:

  • Optimal use of space because of its multi purpose character
  • Easily connect your equipment through the entertainment bridge
  • Watch TV, DVD and Movies in high quality images and sound
  • Play games full size by connecting your game console
  • Everybody in your home will enjoy the ProTee Golfsimulator, even the non-golfing members.


Golf Simulator
Golf Simulator


Rent a golf simulator

A rising success concept is “Rent a Golf Simulator”. Companies or private persons might have a few reasons not to buy a golf simulator for permanent use, but they may require a golf simulator for exhibitions, conventions, private parties, golf events, demonstrations, trainings, etc. The main reasons for renting a Golf Simulator:

  • Attract visitors, trigger them towards your stand on a exhibition/convention
  • Easy contact with potential customers because you will have them on your stand for at least a couple of minutes
  • The golf course is coming to you
  • Teaching and learning
  • Fun and entertainment
  • To be associated with the golf sport in general.

Customers can rent the simulator from half a day up to a week or even longer . The prices vary depending on the hiring period and sometimes the location . Proven concepts are, for example, the Golf on Tour truck, a truck which contains two ProTee Golf Simulators, ready to play in half an hour; and Mobile Golf Course, transported in a trailer and build up on the spot in about 2 ½ hours. Customers can have their logo in the 3D virtual surrounding and on top of the simulator for maximum exposure. Starting your own “Rent a Simulator” company provides you the following benefits:

  • Endless possibilities for renting
  • Small investment with a short ROI (Return Of Investment)
  • Only a small amount of space is required for storage, no expensive location necessary.
  • Costs and earnings are very clear
  • Operating in diverse locations and ambiances
  • Make people happy by letting them play on one of world’s best Golf Simulator.


Golf Simulator
Golf Simulator


Indoor tennis and squash facilities

What do tennis, squash and golf have in common? Not that much actually. Why do we advice you to combine these 3 types of sport? The reason is that a lot of golfers wants to play golf all year round and this is not always possible due to the climate. You can fulfil the needs of these golfers by providing them an indoor virtual golf course in your sport centre. The Golf Simulator can be used to play an 18 holes course or for teaching/training. A new and more diverse customer group will find their way to you facility.

The population of golfers is increasing, while the number of tennis- and squash players are decreasing. If you have one or more lane’s spare take this opportunity in serious consideration.

Main benefits:

  • Attract new customers in a growing market
  • Increase the occupation of your accommodation
  • Generate more income out of your bar/restaurant
  • Earn money by sponsoring of the holes. Advertisements can be easily placed in the game.
  • More diversity in your facility (multi purpose), spread your risks
  • The Golf Simulator can also be used as a entertainment centre for TV, movies, presentations and gaming (like Wii).
  • Extend leisure for your existing customer base
  • Distinguish your facility from competitors
  • Organize tournaments like for example a Neary or Longest drive challenge to attract  more golfers to on one of world’s best golfsimulator
  • Make golfers enthusiastic for tennis or squash and the other way around.


Golf Simulator
Golf Simulator



As a retailer you might want to associate yourself with golf although your product is not related to golf. More and more retailers are installing a simulator in their shop or showroom to accomplish this association. Imagine a couple entering an exclusive women’s wear shop.
Women can spent hours in finding that specific dress she dreamed of. With our golf simulator she will have as much as time as she want, because her husband is playing one of the famous golf courses available on the ProTee Golfsimulator. Or that car sales man, who’s offering his virtual golf course, so the customer can decide which options he wants to put in his new car or which colour it will be. Distinguish yourself from your competitors.

Main benefits:

  • Attract more people by offering playing golf at your shop on one of world’s best golf simulators
  • Turn shopping into an experience
  • Change the question: Will they buy? Into: Which one will they buy?
  • Entertain the “customer’s wallet” to increase income
  • Product launches can be shown in the golfsimulator, using it as an entertainment or exposure centre
  • Create a reason for a personal customer invitation
  • Relative small investment
  • Distinguish yourself from your competitors
  • Organize tournaments like Neary or Longest drive to win a discount on one of your products
  • Earn money by sponsoring of the holes. Advertisements can be easily placed in the game.


Golf Simulator
Golf Simulator


Endless possibilities...